Vista Grande
All Moved In
Driveway & Garden
Fall 2005
Winter 2006
We are proud of our efforts,
two years in the making.
We’re moving in January,
it’s true now! No faking!

On evenings and weekends
Vern put in so much time.
We tried to be ready
with a beer and a lime.

Ben was incredible
his efforts unending.
He learned much about building
and lifting and bending.

Bex worked really hard
at the tasks she was handed.
She planted and painted
and vacuumed and sanded.

My job was 10 Thayer
to fix up the "old"
clean it and paint it
to insure it got sold.

With graph paper and pencils
I layed out the new spaces
putting walls, doors, and windows
in all the right places.

You can’t tell the beauty
Looking in from the street,
but then come inside...
five thousand square feet!!!

To get us this far
we counted on many.
You helped build our dream house
with every last penny.

You helped pull the nails out
of wood in huge stacks
moved piles and trash cans
we fed you good snacks.

You removed the behives
(verse for Patty)
and bird nests in the walls,
the bee spray came in handy
no 911 emergency calls!

Coctails on the deck last year... (another verse for Patty)
none now - it's cold - a bummer!
What better incentive to complete the deck
before we get to next summer.

Rooves of black rubber
and the foundation too
are dry, sealed and weather tight
all thanks to you!

You framed and you painted,
plumbed and electrified.
The more difficult it got,
the harder you tried

You helped sell our "old" house
with a mop and a prayer.
We’ve got one we’re certain-
a buyer for Thayer!!!

First sheet rock and mud
then primer and paint
some carpet and vinyl
I think I will faint.

For one week in December
we lit Chanukah candles.
We installed bathrooms and kitchens
with both knobs and handles.

Finally sockets and switches
toilets and sinks.
December 18th
P & S signed in ink!

I’ll bet anyone anywhere
we’ll have finished floors
and our tree will be have trim
not the windows and doors.

Though what we’ve accomplished
Is quite something you know
I just hope we can move
Without three feet of snow!

The weather report this week is great!
Rain and snow for every day...
I'm certain that we're moving soon
The storms are on their way!

Just outside the "pearly gates"
first driveway on the right.
We’re at 2 Crestview - Vista Grande
you’ll find it all right.

We’ll move - January eight and nine
Write down the date
We hope you’ll help move us!
We really can’t wait!

So to keep "this end up"
We’ll have cold beer in glasses
"wine-ing," dining, and reclining,
with beds for the masses.

Then a party for "down stairs"
a party for "up"
we’ll celebrate life here
so come raise your cup!

The hue’s stormy blue,
the yard’s filled with sand,
in spring the deck is just great
and we’ll strike up the band.

Though our address is new
and our space is quite grand
you can still count on us
when you need a hand!

Though an address on Crestview
to some is quite special
it took the post office a while
to make it "official."

Just stop in as always
cause that’s what we’re hopin’
though the door’s somewhat larger
it’s still always open!!!

Vista Grande
2 Crestview Drive
Just outside the "Pearly Gates"
You know the rest...

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