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What is a WebQuest?


WebQuest Garden

Bernie Dodge's Thoughts About WebQuests

Bernie Dodge's Links to Training Materials for WebQuests

Tom March - Best WebQuests

WebQuests - An Introductory Guide and Resources

WebQuest Taskonomy

Designing and Building WebQuests:

*The WebQuest Design Process

Adapting an existing WebQuest

WebQuest Resources:

Major US Wars and Military Involvement: Web Quests and Activities

Consructivism and Inquiry:

Using the Internet to Promote Inquiry-Based Learning

Constructivism as a Paradigm for
Teaching and Learning.

The Inquiry Page

Constructivism - From Philosophy to Practice

Characteristics of Constructivism

Constructivist Learning Theory

Constructivism Checklist

Essential Questions:

Galileo Educational Network

Jamie MacKenzie - FNO - Framing Essential Questions

The Process of Writing Critical Questions or Statements

Themes and Essential Questions from schools in Greece, NY

Best Practices and Essential Questions

Examples of Essential Questions:

US DOE Examples of Essential Questions

Essential Questions by (Elementary) Grade - Needham, MA

Critical Thinking:

Highly Effective Questioning

The Critical Thinking Community

Examples of Exceptional WebQuests:

The Art of Communication: Women's Plight to be Heard

Election WebQuest

The Big Wide World

Technology Challenge Grants

Let's Evaluate these WebQuests:

The Pilgrim Life Adventure

Life During the War Between the States

Fiesta, Food and Fun

Famous People of the American Revolution

We Were There - WebQuest on the Constitutional Convention

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The WebQuest Page

The WebQuest Garden

Best WebQuests

Global Nomads


Junior High WebQuests

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