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Education Resources

4th & 5th Grade Student Research Resources Small directory of links for kids. The site doesn’t have a keyword search and the categories contain many links to scroll through.

Allthetests You won't need a #2 pencil to take these tests. Pick from IQ, EQ (emotional quotient) Career Tests, Health intelligence, etc. Lots of fun tests that take 5 - 30 minutes to take online and most provide you with a score as soon as finish the test.

AskA+Locator Get answers at AskA+. Links students, teachers, parents, and other K-12 community members with experts on the Internet. Browse by subject to see who's out there. This noncommercial site doesn't have zillions of experts, but it does have a handful or more in each subject, which should be plenty.

Awesome Library 14,000 carefully reviewed resources, including the top 5 percent in education.

Best Information on the Net For college students. Chosen by librarians at O'Keefe Library, St. Ambrose University.

BigChalk Its like having a textbook for every grade and age online. For students, parents and teachers.

Blue Web'N Over 1000 reviewed educational links in all academic areas, categorized by subject area, audience, and type. The browse feature displays subcategories of links to make searching easier. Keyword searches also provide ranked hits.

BUBL Links Selected Internet resources covering all academic subject areas.

CCD- Public School Information Back to school time? The Common Core of Data is the Department of Education's primary database on public elementary and secondary education in the United States. CCD is a comprehensive, annual, national statistical database of all public elementary and secondary schools and school districts, which contains data that are designed to be comparable across all states.

Children's Picture Book Database Browse this bibliography for designing literature-based thematic units for all disciplines, including health education. Contains abstracts of over 4,000 picture books for children in preschool to grade 3.

Education Australia Educational links in Australia with over 5,000 resources. Search by category or keyword. Keyword searches yield relevant results and the format is easy to read.

Education Newsletters Over 258 titles.

EducationPlanet Providing over 300,000 education-related links, this site defines comprehensive. Even obscure keyword searches yield results (yes, there is information on pillbugs). Keyword searches break the results into categories for easier access.

Educational Programs Guide Search for a program by region.

Education Resource Org. Directory A wealth of links to education-related resources and information for teachers, librarians, researchers, and students. The keyword search yields numerous results, and although the site is fairly easy to use, it is probably too complex for elementary-age students.

Education View Collection of teacher-reviewed web pages that are safe for kids education. Keyword searches are allowed in the different grade-level categories- K-5, 6-8, and 9-12.

Education World Includes over 120,000 links to educator resources, from lesson plans to news to book reviews. Updated daily, this site is a storehouse of pertinent information for teachers and administrators. We found the homepage a bit cluttered.

Educator Resources Directory of resources teachers can use in the classroom, as well as reports, articles, and directories. A search engine is provided, but the site lacks a prominent categorical index.

EuducatorsNet The small site contains over 11,000 reviewed sites, aimed at an audience of teachers and administrators. The site is organized logically and provides a search engine, but results are minimal compared with other sites.

EduHound The site contains a prescreened database of K-12 links for teachers and students categorized by subject. There are literally hundreds of categories to choose from. Categories are organized very logically and alphabetically, so sniffing out a site is not difficult.

EduStartPage An education metasearch engine as well as a directory of thousands of links in hundreds of categories. Get out your magnifying glass - they’ve crammed as much as possible onto one page and it’s in very small type.

Electric Schoolhouse Search selected documents, evaluated and ranked.

E-Map Enlightenment, entertainment and education.

EROD Education resource organizations directory.

Exploratorium's Ten Cool Sites Monthly picks of science, art, and education sites.

Family Education Family oriented directory. Parenting advice, child development and family reference available here. We recommend setting aside a few minutes to explore the links.

Family Safe Startup-Page Family-focus education resources, homeschooling and homework help.

Federal Education Resources Why its worth paying taxes! Hundreds of education resources supported by U.S. Federal agencies. The search function results in a variety of links that may or may not be relevant. It takes a lot of scrolling to locate the information you need.

Furbello Educational index includes information on corporate training, universities and colleges, and schools online.

Gateway to Educational Materials Search for lesson plans, curriculum units and other education resources.

Global Schoolhouse Teachers' resource. Select from Collaboration Projects, Communication Tools or Professional Development and search the articles, activities, and lesson plans.

High School Hub Academic resources for high school students.

Hippias Peer-reviewed search engine that provides access to philosophy-related resources.

Homework Central Students and teachers can explore over 10,000 study subjects linked to 75,000 scholar-selected Internet resources. The site is packed with meaningful activities and resources. Search by category and grade level or by keyword. Keyword search results are a bit difficult to decipher.

HomeworkSpot Kids of all ages - and parents and teachers, too - can find links to all things academic at this education source. The directory appears to be on the small side and we found ourselves wishing there was a search engine. You might want to use the category links on the left if you’re in a hurry.

HotList of K-12 Internet School Sites Organized geographically.

Indie Search the directory of the Integrated Network of Disability Information & Education.

Infomine Introduction and use of Internet/Web resources of relevance to faculty, students, and research staff at the university level

Infoplease Kids' Almanac Facts and information for kids, including a homework center.

Internet Mathmatics Library Math enthusiasts - students and teachers alike - and math phobes will appreciate this collection of links. Keyword search or browse the categories.

Internet Public Library - Reference Center

K-12 World Peer-approved links in this directory of quality educational sites and resources for students and teachers. Browse by academic category or educational topic.

K-12 Internet Resources

Knowledge Network Library of blue ribbon learning sites.

Language Learning Net Find information on language courses in our online directory of institutions worldwide.

Language Schools Directory Interactive Multimedia Guide to Language Schools.

LessonPlanz Need something for the class to do on Monday? Browse or search the database on this site. Containing over 3500 lesson plans from grades Pre-K through 12. Use a keyword search or browse by category.

Library HQ Portal for librarians. Current information including cataloged websites, news, message forum, classifieds, and hundreds
of hotlinks on topics from library automation to historic building
renovation. Over 5,000 links.

Librarians' Index to the Internet Organized by subject category.

Library in the Sky Over 15,000 links to some of educational resources.

Library Land Indexes over a dozen of the best resource sites for the library profession.

Library of Congress Online catalog. Browse the catalog by subject, name or call number; search by title or serial title.

LibrarySpot Portal to library and reference information.

Literary Resources Organized by category.

MathSearch A collection of over 200,000 documents on mathematics and statistics servers. Take the time to read and follow the search instructions or you’ll be wading through irrelevant hits.

Megalinks Student and Teacher Resources & Fun Places to Visit.

On-line Books Search for the full text of books online.

101 Information Hub General reference site with a unique focus on links to sites that have book-like - non-fiction, instructional, quick, free to read on-line information. Categories covered include: computer, internet, education, entertainment, finance, business, health, home, cooking.

Philosophy in Cyberspace Philosophy search engine.

Philosophical Research Search this academic network of
resources. For use by philosophy teachers, researchers and students.

Pinchbeck's Homework Helper Answers to your homework questions.

ProTeacher A directory and online community for elementary school teachers in grades K-6. Search by category or keyword.

Resources for Catholic Educators

Schoolwork Geared toward older students 7 and up.

Search Argos Covers the ancient world.

SearchEdu Database of education, reference, and university pages ranked by popularity. Be as specific as you can with your query or risk getting a data dump of sites to sift through.

Searchgate Academic, student and career orientated resources, over 600,000. Primarily pertaining to the UK. Search categories or by keyword in either the open directory, or the smaller and more specialized student directory.

Search Language Find language resources including dictionaries, language Schools, grammar, online courses, translation ...

Skewl Sites Researched by teachers for teachers, browse by category.

Surfing the Education Reform Waves Directory of education related web sites.

Study Web Education resources in all academic areas, over 128,000. Search by category or keyword. Category searches require clicking through multiple pages, but the results are annotated links with rating scales and grade-levels.

TeacherTidBytes A small directory of teacher resources including lesson plans, Web-related lessons, tutorials, and links for parents and children.

Teaching, Learning on the www Over 698 examples of how the web is being used as a medium for learning.

Teach-nolgy Educator’s have over 900,000 reviewed site to choose from in this directory. We didn’t like the format of the results, which required us to do more intense reading than we’d like when reviewing results. Browsing categories was much less frustrating.

TheCanadianTeacher Free stuff for teachers in Canada with links to free resources, materials, lesson plans, software, samples and computers. Search by keyword or product type.

The Gateway Database of lesson plans, curriculum units, and educational resources in all academic areas. Search by category or use a keyword search. Searches can also be narrowed by selecting the appropriate grade levels.

ThinkQuest Library Search this directory of educational resources.

Vincent Curtis Educational Register Search over 1200 private K-12 schools, and summer camps.

Virtual Know-It-All 10,000 resources from all areas of knowledge.

WannaLearn Virtual Know-It-All 10,000 resources from all areas of knowledge.

Webschooling A database of fun and educational links for children up to 7 years and the rest of us who never grew up. Loaded with games, and links but lacking in academic content.

WorldWideLearn A directory of courses, classes, tutorials and workshops offered exclusively online.

Worldwide Classroom Library of International Programs.

Internet Searching for Kids
General Interest Sites Primary Level Search Engines Elementary/Middle Level Search Engines Meta-Search Engines and Portals Homework
General Interest Sites

"Do We" Really Know Dewey?
Learn about the Dewey Decimal System at this site created by fifth and
sixth grade students for the ThinkQuest Junior competition. The site
includes an illustrated story explaining the 10 major categories of the
Dewey Decimal System, quizzes, puzzles, a bibliography, and challenges for
students of all levels
K.E.W.L. (Kids' Excellent Web Links), an unannotated list of sites for elementary-age kids, teachers and librarians.
The Kids on the Web -Multi-award-winning list of sites that offer information for and about kids. including games, information for adults, schools and education.
Mamamedia Web Site -Has tons of fun things for kids to do; send a card, solve a puzzle, play a game, do a project while listening to catchy tunes.
Kids' After School Clubhouse for third grade and up.
Build a Monster  teaches very young kids to use a mouse while creating a not-so-scary monster.
The Web Classroom - fun, engaging math site that helps (in a friendly way) with fractions, multiplication tables, and more at three different levels.
Sports Illustrated for Kids is the online version of the popular magazine.  Check it out!
Youth Sports Network allows coaches to post their own pages, schedules.  Training tips, sports information, downloadable games for young athletes.
PBS Online has good information about your favorite PBS television program.

Child-Safe Internet Search Engines and Reference Pages
Search Engines and Directories

Primary Elementary Level

Enchanted Learning Picture Dictionary does early primary searches, by initial letter of subject.  Letters are pronounced online.

SuperSnooper has a simple interface, no directories.  Lists alternative spellings in cases of misspelling.  Presents hits in sequence most likely to match intent of user, based on history of past searches.

Elementary/Middle  Level

Yahooligans, a subsidiary of Yahoo.  All child-safe sites, although anything linked off of these sites is not necessarily so.  Misspellings trigger alternate search strategies.  Hierarchical organization and key word searching.

Awesome Library contains 15,000 sites reviewed and recommended by a teacher, student, parent or librarian.  "Star sites" are best 2% of the over 10,000 indexed sites.

KidsClick was created by librarians for kids.  Extensive directory approach and subject searching capability.  Sites indexed by grade level (3-6) or (7+).

Cybersleuth is an internet search guide for kids, parents and teachers.  No spell-checker, but forgiving of errors.

One Key Kids - Uses network T.V. standards, bills itself as the largest child safe search engine data base. Directory and key word searching.

Scholastic Web Guide - Along with hits, the searcher can access a review of the site which details the site sponsor, most appropriate audience, a list of related sites, a professional evaluation of its educational value, loading speed, the media it contains, the availability of teacher support material, and the name of the reviewer and the date it was reviewed.  Wonderful documentation!

KidsNook - gives visitors the opportunity to rate sites indexed by this site.  "Nooks" serve as categories.  Keyword searching.  A little heavy on the advertising.  No spell check feature.  Contents designed for family use.

Meta-Search Engines and Search Portals

EduHoundAll sites included in this database are selected for their educational value and appropriateness.  An alphabetical list of pre-selected keywords help students focus on which terms will lead to a fruitful search.  Also contains category index, lesson plans, and links to educational news like eSchool News Online.

Fossick.comis a comprehensive portal of child, family, and teen search engines, all in one place.  Even includes some from Germany and Denmark!

Alfy  is a web portal for kids, targeted for children between the ages of 3 to 10.  Sites are selected according to the following criteria: subject matter, content,  safe environment for children, and appealing visual presentation.

Ask Jeeves for Kids uses natural language, helps child define search using questions and acts as a meta-search engine.  Checks spelling.

SafeKids gathers a variety of child-oriented search engines into one location.

Homework Helpers

BJ Pinchbeck's Homework Helper was developed by an eleven-year old and his dad.  Good reference links.  Even has a link to "Cyber Dewey" which lists web sites by Dewey number.

KidsConnect is a referral service where your own personal librarian answers your query within two days.

Lycos Homework Zone - includes an online almanac, encyclopedia, dictionary, and atlas.  Allows keyword search as well as directory access to pre-screened web sites.

StudyWorks provides free educational explorations, interactive math activities, math and science puzzles, games, homework hints, tests, science and math news and links for middle school through college students.

Educational Technology Resources- Developed by Chariho educators to aid teachers and students.  This site was designed to supplement our K-12 curriculums, and become a research time-saver for our
community of learners. 

Rhode Island State Frameworks and Standards

RI Teacher Preparation, Certification, and Professional Development

Kathy Schrock's-She has put together an impressive site for teachers.  Her list are in annotated form and organized by subjects.  A must see!!!

West Loogootee Elementary School Web Site -A wealth of information for teachers, students and parents.

Classroom Connect-A commercial site but one of the better on-line resources for teachers. 

Classroom Connect's Connected Teacher-A place for teachers to share ideas and get ideas for using the Internet.

Teachers Helping Teachers-Provides basic teaching tips to inexperienced teachers and ideas that can be implemented into the classroom.

Global SchoolNet Foundation-This is an especially useful location for developing cooperative projects with other teachers.

The Teacher's Network-The "Let's Talk" area contains bulletin boards for teachers.

Busy Teachers' Web Site-If you are busy, stop by.  Great locations to wonderful sites organized by subject areas. 

Children's Literature Web Guide- Links to children and young adults' literature.  A great resource for teachers and students.

Digital Dozen-Each month the best sites for math and science are selected by a team at the Eisenhower National Clearinghouse for Math and Science. 

Kids Connect-A question-answering help service for K-12 students.  KidsConnect is a component of ICONnect, a technology initiative from the American Association of School Librarians. 

Reading Online-The Electronic Classroom-A section of the International Reading Association.  Devoted solely to teachers, this site contains a wealth of resources for teachers, including useful WWW sites, tips for technology use, and lists of Internet projects.
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There are many sites that will give you useful ideas and lesson plans.  Some of these sites are:
       SCORE Cyberguides
       Teacher Talk Forum: Lesson Plans
       The Connected Teacher
       Houghton Mifflin
       Kathy Schrock's Lesson Plan links
       The Exploratorium -hands-on science

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The following are sites that teachers can go to to participate in on-line projects:
       Classroom Connect
       Global School Network

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If you are looking for places to go to sign your class up for key pals (electronic pen pals), the following sites may be of interest to you:
       Connection Sites

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Listservs/Mailing Lists for Teaching with the Internet

       EDsOasis-A mailing list for teachers to assist them in using 
           the Internet.  Directions for subscribing are located here.

       RTEACHER-A mailing list devoted to literacy education as 
           well as the use of the Internet and other technologies 
           for literacy and learning.  The archives may be viewed here.

       Web66-This mailing list is for discussion of web use in 
           K-12 classrooms.  Messages should be related to the web 
           and its use in education.

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