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Big Idea:
The QWERTY layout for the keyboard/ keypad is currently the standard used for computers and
other devices for entering text.

Need to Know:
Why do we learn correct fingering for computer keyboards?
How does knowing the key layout help with computer and text messaging?
What are some reasons that keyboarding is an important skill?
How is keyboarding different from touch typing?

The Mission:
Using the correct fingering for standard QWERTY keyboards allows one to compose or copy written text without looking at one's fingers. Knowing the QWERTY layout for a keypad allows for quicker text messaging.

Things to download at home...
The colored keyboard and poem
The keyboard and fingering chart to color yourself

Games for School Time
Keyboarding Game Links

Best Lessons:
Dance Mat Typing

Typing Web

*****Free Typing Games Online
*These games and tests are fantastic! You can customize them for maximum benefit. There are video games with lessons and levels as well as tests on each lesson and level.

Letters Only:

Typing Practice



Letters and numbers:

Alpha Rain

Best Games:

Typer Shark MUST click on "play without ads"

Growing with Technology

Power Typing


Games for Home:

Typing Master Online Bubbles

Typing Flash Game - Letters

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Typing Tests

Debbie Golden - Keyboarding Class Projects

Keyboarding Practice

Krazy Keyboarding for Kids

Keyboarding Online

Ergonomics and Keyboarding

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Al Bunny's Typing Game

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Wild And Wacky from National Geographic - You type in words...

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